Hot air balloon, Joseph Taylor

Some research can be so much fun I can't help but return to it. Our hot air balloon inflating before my second balloon flight, in Southern California.

Questions? Answers.


Writing stories is a) challenging; b) engrossing; c) gratifying; d) all of the above?


For me, storytelling is "d," all of those things, and more. I love learning about a subject that interests me, stepping into the shoes of another person and putting words together. Getting the final print and digital editions of my work feels like Christmas, my birthday and a good report card all rolled into one.


What follows are Q&As, or Questions & Answers, I've put together for interested readers with the help of a couple writer friends. These overviews offer insights into what went into each piece and sources for learning more about the subjects.


If you have further questions or comments, please drop me a note and let me know. May you too find work that brings you joy and fulfillment.