Fun  Facts  




Robert H. Goddard



As a kid, what did Bob Goddard try to make diamonds out of?  



How did Bob prove that rockets could fly in space? 



What type of fuel did Bob introduce to the rocket? 



Alexander Calder



What career did Alexander “Sandy” Calder first pursue? 



What materials did Sandy first use to make art as a kid? 



What new style of art helped transform Sandy’s work? 




Maria Sibylla Merian



What could have happened to Maria Sibylla Merian had she been caught studying flying insects? 



What subjects did she first pretend to be focused on in her watercolors? 



What theory did metamorphosis replace? 




Luke Howard



What subject did Luke Howard not like in school that he later embraced? 



Into what occupation did his father push Luke? 



What three general groups of clouds did Luke introduce? 




Joseph & Étienne Montgolfier



What did Joseph Montgolfier’s siblings call newly introduced toilet paper? 



What did Étienne study to be? 



What is a hot air balloon still referred to as today? 



A myriad of found materials, including buttons, string, clay and even sawdust



She could have been put to death for being a witch.



Flowers like roses and tulips



Spontaneous generation







Cirrus, cumulus and stratus

Joseph’s paper



An architect



A montgolfière




Fun Facts for Kids, Joseph Taylor

An invitation to Sandy Calder's circus, a popular small-scale work and early example of performance art.


Graphite, a form of carbon 

With laboratory experiments featuring a vacuum chamber

Liquid fuel