Joseph Taylor, Children's Writing, Dedications

The Remington Junior Deluxe typewriter handed down to me by my beloved late grandmother, Frances Ferris, who used it throughout her career as a teacher. Grandma had a way of planting seeds with the gentlest of suggestions. When I was about twelve, she said to me, “Maybe you’ll write a children’s story one day.”



I couldn’t manage a word of writing without a whole lot of support from some smart, understanding and helpful people. When a new piece comes out in Cricket, I dedicate it to one of them.

"The Path to the Moon" - To Mrs. Joann Sonenstein, my high school English teacher who taught me to write, read critically and research. She allowed me into her memorable classes for three years and set such a fine example for us students.

"Launching Rockets" - To Grant Taylor, younger brother, inspired reader, and one of the few people I know who enjoyed a college-level astronautical engineering class.


"Moving Art" - To Karol Ruth Silverstein, good friend, fellow writer, trusted critiquer, Philadelphia native and mobile enthusiast.


“Emerging Butterflies” – To my mother, Bev Hansen, who like Maria Sibylla Merian, is a courageous, accomplished, independent woman with a thing for taking long trips south.


“Gathering Clouds” – To Christian Engström, forever friend, writing supporter, Anglophile and meteorology enthusiast.


“Flying Balloons” – To Caroline Hatton, longtime friend, fellow writer, scientist, child of France and the person who introduced me to Cricket.