The Remington Junior Deluxe typewriter handed down to me by my beloved late grandmother, Frances Ferris, who used it throughout her career as a teacher. Grandma had a way of planting seeds with the gentlest of suggestions. When I was about twelve, she said to me, “Maybe you’ll write a children’s story one day.”



    I couldn’t manage a word of writing without a whole lot of support from some smart, understanding and helpful people. When a new piece comes out, I dedicate it to one of them.

    "The Path to the Moon" - To Mrs. Joann Sonenstein, my high school English teacher who taught me to write and research, and, as math professor William Claytor, PhD, did for Katherine, showed she believed in me and set a great example.

    "Launching Rockets" - To Grant Taylor, younger brother, inspired reader, and one of the few people I know who enjoyed a college-level astronautical engineering class.


    "Moving Art" - To Karol Ruth Silverstein, good friend, fellow writer, trusted critiquer, Philadelphia native and mobile enthusiast.


    “Emerging Butterflies” – To my mother, Bev Hansen, who like Maria Sibylla Merian, is a courageous, accomplished, independent woman with a thing for taking long trips south.


    “Gathering Clouds” – To Christian Engström, forever friend, writing supporter, Anglophile and meteorology enthusiast.


    “Flying Balloons” – To Caroline Hatton, longtime friend, fellow writer, scientist, child of France and the person who introduced me to Cricket.