Cool Websites for Kids


Here are a few websites I've discovered that kids might enjoy.

Cool Websites for Kids, Clouds


Jacqueline Adams


Clouds 365 Project                                      


Exploring Leonardo

(Museum of Science)

Seth Fishman


I Was Wondering: Women’s Adventures in Science


Learn Genetics


NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center: Dr. Robert H. Goddard, American Rocketry Pioneer                                              


(Montgolfier Brothers)                                        


Planet Quest                                                 


Seymour Simon                                            


TED Education                                              



Cool Websites for Kids, Roald Dahl
Arts & Literature


The Calder Foundation

(Alexander Calder)  


Stephen Costanza


Cricket Media                             


Roald Dahl  


Jim Kay  


Jacqueline Briggs Martin   


Maria Sibylla Merian & Daughters

(The J. Paul Getty Museum)  


National Gallery of Art Kids Art Zone


New York Philharmonic Kid Zone  


Other Cool Birds


Kevin Sloan


Chris Van Allsburg                           


E.B. White