Stories of Discovery


Galileo once said, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." I find the men, women and children who have managed to discover truths and leave the world a brighter place inspiring and their stories fascinating. Whether it's Joseph and Étienne Montgolfier inventing the hot air balloon or Maria Sibylla Merian revealing through her watercolors the process of metamorphosis, real human beings are behind our greatest scientific and artistic achievements.


I am interested in these people—their lives and creative journeys—and write about them. History is rich with such stories, but so too is our own time. An astronomer told me that with the recent discovery of what could be billions of Earth-like planets in the universe, there is no more exciting time to be studying astronomy. 


And, though obtaining an education is valuable for numerous reasons, appreciating pioneering work doesn't require an advanced science or art degree. Just curiosity—and an interest in the people who made the groundbreaking work possible. Their triumphs are our truths.