Cricket is an award-winning literary magazine for kids 9 - 14. It has featured work from such iconic authors as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Lloyd Alexander and Tamora Pierce, as well as renowned illustrators Hillary Knight, David Wiesner and Eric Carle. With the goal of offering children quality literature and artwork presented in an engaging manner, Marianne Carus launched Cricket in 1973. Lonnie Plecha carries on this work as Cricket’s current editor.


Published nine times per year, the magazine is available in print and digital formats. Available in recent years on iTunes, the digital edition can now be found on Apple News+. For more information, visit Cricket Media online.


My work appears in the issues below.



July/August 2019


"The Path to the Moon:

The Story of Katherine Johnson"

September 2017


"Launching Rockets:

The Story of Robert H. Goddard"

Cricket magazine, Joseph Taylor, Alexander Calder
May/June 2015


"Moving Art:

The Story of Alexander Calder"

Cricket magazine, Joseph Taylor, Luke Howard
April 2011


"Gathering Clouds:

The Story of Luke Howard"

Cricket magazine, Joseph Taylor, Maria Sibylla Merian
April 2013


"Emerging Butterflies:

The Story of Maria Sibylla Merian"

Cricket magazine, Joseph Taylor, Montgolfier brothers
April 2008
"Flying Balloons:
The Story of the Montgolfier Brothers"

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